Temple of the Goddess Hecate


An ancient Goddess

Hecate was the only child of two Greek Titans:

Goddess Asteria

Goddess of the heavens and astrology

Titan Perses Grandson of earth, sea and sky

Hecate was linked to Sirius " the dog star "
of the constellation Canis Major
Hecate's stellar rise in popularity
was attributed to Her alliance with the Zeus and the Olympians during the Titanomachy. Zeus honored Hecate's parental lineage
from which She was granted rule
over three realms: earth, sea and sky.

Hecate according to Hesiod's Theogony:

... Hecate whom Zeus ... honored above all
 ... to this day, whenever any one
... prays for favor ... he calls upon Hecate.

Great honor comes full easily
to him whose prayers
the Goddess receives favorably,
and She bestows wealth upon him;
for the power surely is with Her.

Hecate sometimes appeared in triple form.

Three-way crossroads ( earth, sea, sky ) 
served as Her temples where She accepted humble offerings of simple meals or bread. Rome adopted Her divinity as " Trivia " which means " Goddess of three avenues "
Hecate was sought in oracles and She
became renown for Her accuracy

Today, as in ancient times, the crossroads
retain sacred mysteries of the transition
between this world and the one beyond.
Is it possible the Goddess Hecate may still
be summoned at the crossroads
to light the way to heaven for our loved ones?