Temple of the Goddess Hecate

Hecate Magic

A Magical Working to Protect Financial Balance

A ritual created inspired by, yet not copied from, the writings of Silver Ravewolf, Judicka Illes, Gillian Kemp, Ellen Dugan, and many other esteemed authors of natural magic.

On a Thursday, or in the time of the full, new or waxing moon, or during the hour of Jupiter, anoint a white taper with lavender and mint essential oils, from the ends to the center, and place near an image of Hecate, or Her symbols of the triple Goddess or keys.

Hold the candle, close your eyes and set
your good intentions with a blessing.
Then recite:

"Blessed Hecate, bearer of the torch,
Invite money like a friend on the porch!
Please use your own keys, and reveal the way
To financial balance both night and day.

Let Hecate's magic enlighten me,
Full of cash my accounts and purse shall be!

Whether from business or winning a prize,
Light the way, and show me before my eyes,
Steps I should take and the path to success,
That my wealth and happiness will be blessed."

Then close the workings with this phrase:

"For the Good of all and with harm to none,
By Hecate's magic, this spell is done."